How do I make an appointment?

Please contact our rooms by phone (9663 5399), email ( or visit our website to make an appointment. 

A current referral letter from your GP or specialist is required. These referrals are valid for 12 months and 3 months respectively.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring the following to the initial consultation:

  • A valid referral letter from your GP or specialist
  • Radiological scans (MRI, CT or x-rays) and the corresponding reports. Please note, most sans can be viewed electronically. Please confirm the name and location of where the scans were done prior to the appointment. If electronic access to the images is not possible, patients may be required to provide the images on either CD or hard film 
  • Your Medicare, DVA or Private Health Insurance details 
  • Any other relevant investigations such as audiology reports or nerve conduction testing

Does Dr Dawes offer telehealth or phone consultations?

Yes. Please contact our staff to arrange a telehealth consultation.

What are your Consultation fees?

Please contact Dr Dawes’s rooms for detailed information about our consultation fees.  Patients will be required to pay in full on the day of consultation. Our rooms accept Eftpos, Credit Card, Cash or Cheque. Patients who hold a valid Medicare Card will be eligible for rebates, these will be processed at the time of payment.

Standard initial consultation
$350 with a Medicare rebate of $122.45

Follow up consultation
$250 with a Medicare rebate of $80.85

* Please note fees may be subject to change. Private health funds do not contribute to consultation fees.

What are your Surgical fees?

Most surgeries incur an out-of-pocket cost. This may vary depending on the type of surgery performed, the patient’s health fund and level of cover. If patients require surgery, they will be provided with a detailed quotation.

There may also be additional out of pocket costs during the hospital admission for anaesthetic, radiology, pathology and / or pharmacy services.

Does Dr Dawes see public patients?

Dr Dawes is not currently seeing new public patients or referrals at East Melbourne Neurosurgery.

Please note Dr Dawes holds a public position at St Vincent’s Public Hospital. For non-insured patients please see St Vincent’s Hospital website for further information regarding their referral process.

Does Dr Dawes see WorkCover and TAC patients?

Yes, Dr Dawes is happy to receive referrals and see WorkCover or TAC patients. Please contact our rooms for further information.

Patients are required to pay the consultation fees on the day of review. They will be provided with a receipt which can be submitted to WorkCover/TAC.

How do I get to the appointment?

Dr Dawes’s main office is located on Level 5 at 182 Victoria Parade East Melbourne.


  • Ticketed parking is available along Victoria Parade and nearby streets. You can also park at St Vincent’s Private or Public Hospital which is a 300m walk away

Public Transport:

  • Trams 12 and 109 trams run along Victoria Parade
  • The 11 tram stops outside St Vincent’s Hospital

All other consultation locations have on-site parking available. 

Is disabled and wheelchair access available?

Yes, there is a ramp or elevator at all consulting locations.

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