Are all brain tumours cancerous?

Tumours that occur in the brain range from benign (not cancer) to very aggressive cancers. The treatment of brain tumours is tailored to the individual circumstances with an emphasis to maintain function and quality of life. Treatment of more aggressive tumours may require surgery with the addition of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

Do all brain tumours require surgery?

No, not all brain tumours require surgery. Some benign, small and asymptomatic tumours can be monitored with regular brain scans.

Is brain tumour surgery safe?

When surgery is required, Dr Dawes utilises the latest technologies to maximise the safety of brain tumour surgery. This includes brain navigation technologies, brain mapping and neuromonitoring. Dr Dawes works in a multidisciplinary environment with oncologists and radiation oncologists, when required to provide the best practice care tailored to the individual needs of his patients.

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